Automatic Product Normalisation

Helping a retail client ensure that product meta data and pricing is normalised between sister products and across the whole catalog

Key facts

  1. 11,000+ Products analysed per day
  2. 50+ New products normalised per day
  3. 20% Assisted conversion rate increase

When a product catalog gets to a certain size, small changes can have large consequences in unforeseen areas. Our client, a retailer of mobile phone spare parts, had grown their product catalog to over 10,000 products and had a number of ongoing issues:

  • Price updates for individual products needed to be mirrored across sister products, which was prone to human error
  • Updates to product attributes were not generally being mirrored in the meta data that generates good search engine and social media sharing snippets
  • Correcting catalog wide issues was a time consuming and error prone task
  • Correcting these issues automatically at database or page template level was not viable

Prestanda developed a series of software modules to take on the various aspects of the problem individually using the clients' platform API, and then packaged those up into a standalone product which automatically takes care of ensuring that the entire product catalog is in good order in real-time. The client can now be sure that what a customer sees in a search engine result, or a social media post, or from one sister product to another, will be accurate. This decrease in consumer confusion levels helped to feed a 20% increase in conversion rate.

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