Internal Tools

Increase efficiency with the tools *your* business needs.

Doing business without optimal digital tools is unimaginable in the modern world, but for some small and medium enterprises finding an adequate software suite for every task is not easy. Due to the specific nature of your operations and/or unique internal structure, you may be unable to use commercially available packages successfully. In some cases, the necessary tools might not exist, in others they may be incompatible with the software that you already use. To cope with this problem, companies often put up with substandard or miscast tools and predictably achieve less than impressive results while needlessly expending a lot of work hours.

It’s time to stop settling.

In order to overcome this barrier, you need to look beyond off-the-shelf solutions and develop customised tools that work well within your software ecosystem. This could include:

  • automated chat bots
  • modules that can spot missing bits of data in CRM systems and other databases and populate the empty slots with accurate entries
  • customized dashboards for managing customer support tickets.

When those functions are handled with optimal software tools, there will be a noticeable difference in terms of performance that will soon impact the bottom line as well. Employees at all levels will be able to achieve more without having to worry about technical glitches or search for workarounds all the time.

What can Prestanda do to help?

Prestanda has the know-how to create effective internal tools starting from scratch, as well as direct experience delivering this type of service to companies in many different industries. We take your structure, scope of operations, existing hardware and software infrastructure, and other factors into account before designing the simplest and the most logical blueprint for a new tool. Our programmers can write custom code and test it to eliminate any bugs, while special attention is paid to protect corporate data from possible leaks. The final output is completely in tune with the client’s brand, meets all the predefined specifications, and is ready to plug into the information system immediately upon delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it expensive to build internal software tools?

Not necessarily. Some of the solutions from this class are relatively simple to produce and consequently are within the financial possibilities of small enterprises.

Can customized tools work well on mobile devices?

Custom tools created by Prestanda typically have low computational requirements and run smoothly on practically any device.

Is it hard to learn to use the new business tools?

We take good care to design usable interfaces that don’t take too long to get used to, but users naturally become more proficient with practice.

Let's find the solution

Idea exchange is the source of our methodology, and we are always willing to take some time to chat about your pain points and wishes. Anyone interested in this type of service is welcome to contact our team at any time – this is free and you're under no obligations to take us seriously or hire us until you really like our suggestions.