Get 5% bigger margins from your online store

Smart, automated price setting for online stores.

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Athena has changed our business. Margins have improved by 5% on average and our old stock is moving too.
— Steve Garner, ReplaceBase

For stores with 5,000+ SKUs

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Magento | Shopify

Maximise Margins

Athena dynamically sets prices to keep you competitive and improve profitability.

Better Time Management

Reclaim hours each week by letting Athena handle price updates.

R.I.P Dead Stock

Athena pricing strategy keeps stock moving.

Smooth integration

Simple setup. Easy onboarding.

Stay in control

Decide which products Athena manages and which products you handle personally.

Read the case study

Dive into our case study to witness how Athena transformed one retailer, increasing profitability and reducing dead stock.

How Athena Works With Your Store

24 hours a day Athena monitors costs, retail pricing, and trade pricing and then fine-tunes thousands of prices dynamically.

Athena maintains different prices for your retail and trade customers.

Athena uses previous sales to predict future sales so you never run out of stock.

Monitors for human error across your catalogue and automatically rectifies any errors it finds.

Re-prices excess stock to avoid it sitting on your shelves and tying up cash flow.

Athena allows certain products to be excluded from the AI process so you can handle them personally.

Athena is cheaper than an extra member of staff and works faster and smarter than a human could.


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