API Integrations

Ensure the tools you have talk to each other in ways that increase your performance.

Digital business tools are everywhere – no matter which industry you are active in, chances are you are using several enterprise software solutions daily. Unfortunately, those tools are created by many different vendors, frequently use different data formats, and generally don’t communicate with each other very well. Instead of an operational system, what you get is a jigsaw puzzle.

Does it have to be like that?

No, it doesn’t. With proper API integration, all of your business applications can work in unison and share data automatically. Vital business systems can be connected so they can communicate with each other without human intervention, with threshold values set in advance so that alerts are triggered in case any parameter goes off the scale.

When your sales database, marketing solution, HR/payroll suite, and other tools function in parallel within a unified system, the job gets done faster and with less drudgery. That leaves your workforce in better shape to hunt for new opportunities, design or promote new products, or perform other essential tasks they would have no time for without an integrated system.

How can Prestanda solve integration issues?

Without getting too technical, we can solve the issues of SMEs by deploying custom software elements that allow the components of your system to be compatible. All the work is done in the back end of the system, using cloud infrastructure to connect all independent parts of the information system. From the perspective of the user, previously disparate applications will suddenly start behaving as different facets of a single infrastructure. Everything just works and all data is at your fingertips all the time!

Our API integrations are fully scalable, which means they work just as well regardless of the size of your enterprise and can easily accommodate company growth. The solution is optimized to support the actual business processes and enable users to seamlessly switch between applications without feeling limited by artificial boundaries. This freedom translates directly into improved efficiency and ultimately empowers the same number of people to accomplish much more in the same timeframe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of company can benefit the most from API integrations?

Any business that uses multiple software suites could see an improvement, with larger and more data-intensive businesses standing to gain more.

Are there any security risks associated with backend integration?

Prestanda pays extra attention to develop secure mechanisms for data sharing that minimize the risk that any proprietary data would ever be compromised.

Is an investment into new equipment necessary?

No, since the integration occurs completely in the cloud and concerns only software elements of the system.

How soon will the benefits of integration manifest?

The system will offer additional possibilities as soon as the implementation phase is finished, although it may take a while for the employees to learn how to take full advantage of them.

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