Modelling Propensity to use Asset Finance

Key facts

  1. 23,000+ Companies to model
  2. 276,000+ Datapoints analysed
  3. 156 Companies marked as Very High priority

This project was brought to us via a full service marketing agency, working on behalf of a leading UK asset finance provider specialising in the agricultural and transport sectors among others.

The end-client wanted to prioritise the work that both their marketing and sales departments were doing, and Prestanda were drafted in to create a process which could model a the likelihood that a company would benefit from asset finance now or in the foreseeable future.

Working with both the marketing agency and the client, we delivered a repeatably process which filtered over 23,000 potential companies in their core target markets into brackets of priority. A vastly more manageable 1,360 companies ended up classified as very high or high priority, with an equally important number of 11,719 marked as very low priority – those who the client would likely be wasting their time pursuing.

This propensity modelling was used as part of the process of the end-client negotiating an industry leading partnership with a global bank to ensure their growth through 2020 and beyond.


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