Data Visualisation

Get the insight you need from available data sources

If you are doing business in today’s marketplace, you already know the power of analytics. The focus on big data and business intelligence has transformed the way business decisions are made, but the flip side is that it has made us all feel like we need a PhD in math to understand what’s going on with the numbers. Between all the key performance indicators, short-term and long-term trends, cost-efficiency estimations and many other quantitative tools, there is so much information to be ingested that it makes the head of an average business owner spin in circles.

It really doesn’t have to be that complicated.

There is a simple way to make sense of all the incoming data and consume it in a format that can be processed intuitively. Most insights are much easier to understand when they are presented in a visual medium. The trick is to find smart ways of distilling the most important inputs and converting them into a format that can be grasped at a glance. That way, business people can continue thinking about business even while they are actively looking into key numbers.

When your data is accessed through integrated dashboards that draw raw input from many different platforms, you can quickly check key indicators for each area of business, from HR to sales and marketing. Visualised data is also very useful for internal presentations as well as lead generation, so it has an instant and very intensive impact on the entire organisation.

Prestanda’s approach to visual data crunching

Finding witty ways to summarise business data and turn it into eye-catching graphs and visual indicators can be a lot of fun, but at Prestanda this process is driven by a well-defined methodology. We don’t classify data based on its source or format, but try to capture the essence of your business philosophy and deliver a context-sensitive package that will provide you with the data you need, when you need it, where you need it.

Any visualisation technique that can help us deliver business value is a valuable tool, but the point of this step is to inform rather than impress. We often use simple graphs to show how the numbers are changing and use color-coding to immediately separate different kinds of information. Throughout the process, we keep in mind what the data we are processing really represents and try to award the optimal level of relevance to each variable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I trust analytics to make business decisions?

The real question is not whether you should trust the numbers, but which numbers to trust. With our help, you can set up analytic tools that give you a sound basis to lead your business.

What are the advantages of data visualisation?

Data in a visual format is more easily noticed, better memorised, and recalled seamlessly post-presentation. It represents a tremendous help whenever you need to communicate about complex evaluations.

How quickly is it possible to process new data?

When Prestanda sets up a data analytics system for you, freshly arriving data will be processed automatically and become visible nearly instantly.

Swapping ideas about your data analytics needs is free!

At Prestanda we have several people who think about data analytics and visualisation all day long, and they won’t mind talking to you about the issues you are experiencing. We don’t charge for brainstorming sessions, so you are welcome to contact us any time.