Generated Personalised Direct Mail Artwork

Generating a data set and asset-creation software for national direct mail marketing campaign.

Key facts

  1. 7000+ UK Convenience stores found
  2. 582 Prime target stores

Prestanda were approached by full service agency The Marketing Eye to help with a project to help CostCutter with their franchise acquisition activity.

The aim for CostCutter was to communicate with the owners of existing convenience stores on high streets around the country to encourage them to join the CostCutter family of stores to better serve their communities. For a store to be a prime candidate for CostCutter sales activity they needed to satisfy a number of criteria including size of store, locality, revenue and more. Those stores were then targeted with three pieces of personalised direct mail, with the bulk of the design created in-house by CostCutter and the personalised aspects generated for each store by Prestanda.

For the data discovery portion, Prestanda took CostCutters criteria and returned a list of 582 UK stores which fulfilled their "must target" criteria.

Combining that list with a piece of artwork generation software written specifically for this project resulted in each store receiving a piece of direct mail tailored specifically to them and their location, printed by the wonderful team at Sustainable Print. The CostCutter sales team then followed up this initial marketing activity and found a marked increase in conversion rate quality compared to traditionally 'cold' contact.

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