Data Discovery

Collect and collate the data that you know is out there, in a useful format.

Imagine if you could create a list of potential prospects. A list which contained only the 10% that was useful. How much more powerful would your results be?

Having incomplete data might sometimes be worse than having no data at all, as any holes in the body of information could lead you to terrible decisions. Perhaps even more damaging is the incentive to tread very carefully when there are any unknowns, thereby missing out on potentially lucrative opportunities that might have been obvious with better inputs.

Let’s discover powerful data.

The gaps in your knowledge can be filled if data is collected in a systematic way by a dedicated organisation like Prestanda. With our tested methodology and skilled specialists we can assist you in finding the latest, most accurate, and most relevant bits of data. You don’t have to assume anything or extrapolate limited insights when you work with us, as we can provide you with detailed and confirmed answers to your queries.

Armed with this knowledge, you can pursue your business goals more vigorously and with full awareness of your strengths and weaknesses. When your databases contain complete datasets, they give you the ability to calculate options precisely and evaluate the outcomes of various activities in an impartial and quantitative way.

In other words, even a moderate improvement in your data discovery process can allow small and medium companies to perform on a different level and accelerate market penetration and growth.

How can Prestanda discover business data for you?

Thanks to our experience with data discovery, at Prestanda we have a range of techniques that allow us to unearth even the most obscure and most recent pieces of essential information. Our selection of techniques for each particular project depends on the nature of the data that needs to be discovered, the volume of existing data, as well as the business priorities that need to be supported. In effect, our service is highly personalised and optimised to enable your company to meet its objectives.

We take pride in delivering exclusively first-hand data collected for you specifically. We don’t need to engage in data recycling – not when we have a methodology that allows us to effortlessly track information from any number of sources in real time. If the information exists, we have a way of finding and recognising it with proprietary software tools created just for this purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

In which industries is data discovery a business-critical task?

Today, it’s safe to say that accurate and complete data is crucial for success in almost every line of work, with competitive fields where high performance is paramount at the front of the line.

Is the data discovery process labour-intensive?

Once the criteria for discovery are defined and we deploy our advanced tools, the process is largely automated and extremely time-efficient.

Do I have a say in which data is collected and how?

Absolutely, we consult with our clients in regards to every step of the process and make sure that any sensitive information remains confidential.

Why can’t I just purchase market data wholesale?

There is a huge difference between generic databases you can buy online and the customised data discovery service offered by Prestanda. Our data will always yield a higher return on investment.

Exchanging ideas with our team won’t cost you a penny

All of our services are on-demand, so you need to make the first step. We are always available for a quick chat about your data discovery needs, and we won’t charge you a fee for this idea exchange.