Regain time lost to menial, repetitive taks, while reducing the possibility of errors.

How many times have you dreamt that the repetitive tasks you and your team do every day could be performed automatically in the future? That’s a sure sign that your business doesn’t operate in the most optimal way and that you are wasting valuable time and resources. This happens in every business and it has a large impact on productivity, not to mention creativity. When people are inundated with dull routines, they are unlikely to have enough energy left to innovate and explore market possibilities.

Don’t worry, there is another way.

Most of the tasks that you would like to see automated (and some that you haven't realised) can in fact be managed by machines very effectively. Since a vast majority of small companies already use technology for a wide range of tasks, there is a lot of potential for tremendous improvement with minimum investment into the right kind of software.

With Prestanda’s help, you can benefit from automated procedures – the system will simply work as instructed. There is practically no possibility of an administrative error, which can sometimes happen even to the most experienced professionals. Obviously, automated modules can be used to manage a wide range of functions, from basic support during new employee onboarding to the generation of complex weekly reports, to name just a couple of possibilities. Custom software can be deployed locally on your IT system without the need for third-party involvement – making this a very safe option.

How Prestanda handles automation projects

Many development studios place an emphasis on technological expertise, but at Prestanda we take a different approach and base our custom solutions on business logic first and foremost. When it comes to routine task automation, this means we carefully examine the existing company procedures and analyse the most important shortcuts for saving time. The output of this process is a software app that does exactly what you need it to do and nothing else. This wouldn’t be possible without close collaboration with those who understand the business best – you and your long-term employees. Of course, Prestanda has a team of world-class coding experts capable of turning your wishes into reality at a low cost that might truly surprise you, so technological expertise will be there when you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is automation a savvy practice or a lazy shortcut?

Used wisely and in moderation, automation is a powerful business tool that stimulates smarter use of available resources, not idleness.

Can I trust the automated solution to handle sensitive data?

Custom solutions built by Prestanda are very reliable and can be used to manage any type of data, including proprietary information and financial transactions.

Is it difficult to set up and manage automated solutions?

Quite the opposite, it’s very easy and intuitive for anyone who understands business processes in the company, and it requires minimal technical knowledge.

Are there any compatibility issues with automated solutions?

No, because our automated solutions are designed to work well on any platform and to exchange information with other enterprise suites.

Let’s talk about automation

Creation of great automation solutions starts with a simple conversation. If you tell us which aspects of your work you would love to leave to the machines, we might have an idea or three about the ways this can be realized. Let’s get that conversation started – we won’t charge you for the brainstorming session.