Data Collection

Get the insight you need from available data sources

Have you ever wondered exactly what to change to improve your website? Which type of posts to make on social media for greatest impact? Or, which of your customers are worth most to you, and how many more there are out there? Well, knowledge is power, or so they say, and the knowledge that drives those decisions starts with data collection. We’re dedicated to delivering insightful data that does more than simply give you knowledge.

Your website or app are a goldmine of valuable, untapped information. The way visitors interact with your online platforms can tell you a lot about your audience, strategy and what you’re doing right – and where you have the opportunity to improve.

Data collection is at the heart of any marketing strategy, with the information you glean paving the way to future growth and improvements. To get the best out of your data, you don’t just need good data collection, you need great data collection.

Our bias-free data collection is an excellent way to ensure you have the right tools to make the best decisions for your business.

How do we do it?

  • We pour through reams of data from all relevant platforms, gaining valuable data and insight.
  • We work to fill in the gaps of each source with the data from another, to ensure you get the full picture.
  • We ensure that each of your social media and online platforms are set up to track and record analytics data that provides you with the most insightful data for your business. That means going beyond the stock implementation provided by platforms like Google Analytics.
  • We pride ourselves on bringing you actionable data that can help to identify strengths and weaknesses in your online platforms and strategy. From social media strategy to UX and content marketing, our data can help with it all.


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