Top Sources of UK B2B Data

If you're looking for information on UK companies, whether for marketing or enrichment purposes, these will be a great start.

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Information is the new oil, and the more of it you can mine, further you can get in the marketplace. For companies operating on a B2B model, access to accurate and up-to-date data for their contacts is literally the lifeline they need to stay above the water and turn a profit. In the hyper-competitive economic environment that contemporary British companies have to contend with, access to better B2B data can provide the decisive edge that separates winners from losers.

With that in mind, we prepared an overview of the best data sources that B2B companies based in the United Kingdom can turn to for the valuable information about potential and existing customers.


This is an online database that lists company data of UK-based businesses and can be used as a good foundation for a B2B campaign. The database is very easy to search, so you can set up your own filters based on location, company size, field of activities, etc. It also lists a lot of financial information and documentation (i.e. mortgages, investments…) for each entry, allowing for in-depth research on particularly interesting targets. Relevant information about key individuals associated with the listed companies can be found as well. DueDil has been around since 2011 and has a reputation for very accurate content that comes from an assortment of sources. This is a subscription-based service that supports data integration with third-party systems, making it very easy to import the requested information directly into your enterprise software solution without any processing.

If you've got the funds their API is absolutely class leading, too. Automatic enrichment of lead and customer information through their API can be absolutely business-changing.

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This service combines the benefits of AI-driven data collection with the accuracy of human supervision and delivers high-quality leads for B2B businesses around the world. LeadGenius is unique in this line of work for its reliance on the crowdsourcing concept, as it employs professional crawlers to scan the collected data and select the most relevant bits. Their inputs are later used to train the algorithm for better recognition of relevant business parameters. Most importantly, this lead generation service can be readily plugged into standard marketing automation tools, serving to direct the campaign towards the most lucrative opportunities.

While this company is based in North America, it serves most English-speaking countries including the United Kingdom and has accurate data on local UK businesses. Keep in mind that LeadGenius is an on-demand service that can provide you with any type of data you need.

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Cognism Prospector

This is one of the largest business directories focused on the European marketplace, covering more than 10 million companies and comprising a whopping 400 million entries. It is fully GDPR compliant which means that UK clients can use it without fear of running afoul of the EU regulations. That makes Cognism a great starting point for a national or international B2B sales drive. The platform is optimised for sales acceleration and uses the latest AI tools to identify and sort the most important information from the huge incoming pool. In addition to administrative information about companies, this database can also educate you about the key decision makers as well as about scheduled events. Its monthly price is more expensive than some other products on this list, but the quality of service justifies the investment if you can afford it.

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Global Database

Another huge corporate database that you can use for lead generation and other purposes, Global Database brings a lot of different benefits to the table. It is far more informative than other B2B sources and lists a whole lot of details about the various aspects of company operations, from extensive lists of important employees to history of its activities on public record. In technical terms, the database is equipped with advanced searching functionalities that let you make sense of all this data and filter out the bits you don’t need. This service is relatively affordable and very easy to use, while the data is frequently updated and compatible with any software suites you might already have installed. In short, Global Database is the right place to look if your company is just starting to execute its B2B strategy.

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Founded in 2000 in the United States, Zoominfo remains the golden standard when it comes to international business data mining. In addition to providing you with contacts, this tool will let you learn a lot of meaningful things about the subject of your research. It’s an advanced business intelligence platform that deploys machine learning algorithms to organise the massive amounts of data and present the most relevant results in a user-friendly format. Due to its sheer size and advanced presentation options, Zoominfo is the ideal source of ammunition for an ambitious large-scale campaign that aims at corporate clients. Annual subscription costs a substantial amount, but the expected returns are large enough to explain why so many B2B specialists in the UK rely on this service.

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This provider adds an element of convenience to the value of information and delivers a well-rounded product that can boost your B2B sales almost overnight. It’s a UK-based company headquartered in London that maintains a strong focus on the British market, while its online data platform is available around the clock. This practical tool allows you to narrow down your search based on key criteria, so it’s possible to launch very precisely targeted campaigns. Contact data includes LinkedIn accounts of key people, allowing you to integrate the social media channel with your e-mail marketing and cold-calling efforts. As the data is typically downloaded in the Excel format, you can simply add it to your proprietary database without the need to worry about compatibility.

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