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Are you or your team spending countless hours trying to sort through data – whether it’s product, customer, pricing, or other retail related data?

It’s time consuming and draining, and worst of all, you’d rather spend those hours growing your business and increasing profits.

Hell, maybe even taking an evening off now and then!

Sigh…but the data has to be sorted through.

There’s something scary about that too, which most businesses don’t always realize…

It can be dangerous.

From human error to simply not realizing where pivotal data can be accessed in your business, getting the data analysis wrong can kill marketing campaigns, shrink margins, and even land you in data protection troubles.

Most of the time, this is because they don’t invest in data experts who know how to give you all those countless hours back, boost profit margins, and take care of everything for you safely…

So you can get back to business.

Our step-by-step automation plan report, tailored to your business, and designed to save you 100s of hours, might well be the solution…

Here’s what you get

Step 1 – Exploratory Call

In our initial exploratory Zoom call, we learn about you and your business, understand where the data challenges are, and discuss your objectives so we can build out a plan to fit exactly what you need.

Step 2 – A Tailored Automation Plan

As soon as the call ends, our expert team gets to work putting together your FREE step-by-step tailored automation plan designed to automate your data work so you can save you 100 hours a month and boost your margins.

The report will include a tailored strategy based on the call, as well as all the secret tools, shortcuts, processes, and systems we use regularly to generate incredible results for our clients – like boosting conversions by 20% and saving so much time you could start a second business!

You’ll get this call and report for FREE – no catches. (It will include the steps you can take even if you don’t want to work with us after the call).

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Data automation can reduce workload up to 80%

- Chief Data Strategy Officer, Thoughtspot

Data automation delivers an ROI that other technologies struggle to match

- Chief Product Officer, UiPath

Data automation can save costs, and help avoid errors – meaning better outcomes and experiences for the customer

- Account Executive, ASR Analytics

We’re An Elite Data Service Firm

  • Increased margins for retailers with over 12,000 products
  • 100s of hours saved for retail businesses
  • We’ve worked with big brands

  • Created over 20% conversion uplifts using automation
  • Analysed over 10,000 products

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Transform your business, transform your life

A chat with our data experts can lead to the steps that transform your business by saving you days’ worth of work every single month.​

What would you do with those extra days?

Finally getting the critical work done needed to skyrocket your profits and valuation?

Maybe focusing on what you love most, like new and exciting products that make you a competitive and loved brand?

Or maybe, just maybe, you might use that time to relax with friends and family, and even catch up on a bit of Netflix…

All while your business just became 10x more data efficient and primed for profit expansion.

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